Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Sun knows better than the Supreme Court

There's an entry on my The Sun Says blog with the same title as this post because of an editorial saying that baby P is being denied justice. The way to do that is apparently to 'wipe the floor' with Sharon Shoesmith. The Sun accuses welfare officials of passing the buck. As I've also pointed out in a previous entry, the public sacrifice of Sharon Shoesmith seems to be an accepted expedient of modern day politics.

Maybe the political response to the News of the World phone hacking scandal might mean that this kind of kowtowing to the tabloid press can change. Ed Miliband has been praised for showing leadership on the phone hacking issue. He needs also to challenge the government on whether it thinks it is above the supreme court (see previous entry) on the Sharon Shoesmith case (and ignore Ed Balls' likely protests). He needs to ask why the Sun thinks it knows better than the supreme court. That would show real leadership.

I did warn before the election that David Cameron was 'backing the wrong horses' in Rebecca Brooks and James Murdoch (see blog entry) and this has been proved right with the phone hacking scandal. I specifically highlighted at that time the past misdemeanours in the Sun's campaign against Sharon Shoesmith. Politicians need to stand up to press influence on this kind of issue as much as phone hacking.

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