Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sir Jimmy Savile groomed an entire nation

Excellent article in The Telegraph by a freelance journalist who has covered child protection issues, realising that she'd been "hoodwinked" [her word] by Savile on the set of 'Jim’ll Fix It’. She was dumbfounded by his hand licking and crude patter. I suppose from his point of view, however unconsciously, he dealt well with his physical repulsiveness. Quite an achievement to be "not far off being England’s very own Mother Teresa". Paedophiles may not be "everywhere" but they are widespread, and they may not be "impossible" but they are difficult to detect.  As I've said in a previous post, the government needs an independent inquiry to look at these wider societal issues.

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Peter Jones said...

Regretfully paedophiles are being promoted through Hollywood, tabloids, Internet and other media. The mentioned paedophile pictures with expensive cigars and with a lively face were pushed in first page of tabloids and many internet sites as if being still a desirable celebrity. I had to delete my news app from my computer because every morning on turning the computer on picture of this man was face to face to me.