Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Academic critical psychiatry

I've never really been an academic in my working life, apart from being lecturer for 21/2 years in Sheffield 1989-92. Now I'm semi-retired and just doing 2 days clinical work as a consultant psychiatrist, I'm looking forward to going back to Trinity College, Cambridge in October to do a part-time PhD in the Department of Psychology on "The foundations of critical psychiatry" (see my critical psychiatry blog). If anyone's interested in funding the Institute of Critical Psychiatry, do let me know. Cambridge University may even be interested to know if you are.


cobweb said...

All Best wishes for our PhD - many will be glad you did your initial training in psychology but shame on coll of psychs for not welcoming the opportunity to inform and educate mental health workers on the subject.It could help to improve the image of psychiatry if they were open enough to do so. hope we can read it when it's finished. and thank you for your generosity in making your blog publicly available including all the references you make easily available with links

cobweb said...

meant 'your' not 'our' PhD = Freudian slip?