Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Better policy direction for NHS

Speech by health secretary to King's Fund spells out that the NHS for a fourth-term Labour government will be "preventative and people-centred, placing quality at the heart of all that it does". He also made clear that the NHS is moving on from top-down reform. "It led to a feeling that reform was imposed; done to people, rather than with them. It gave unintended messages at ward level – ‘public bad, private good’ – and process targets implied a lack of trust." He also recognised that "there is a danger that people in the service try to read the runes and conduct their own mini spending reviews".

The NHS chief executive took up the comment about the NHS as preferred provider and sent a letter to SHA and PCT chief executives. He again reiterated that "Service improvement and re-design should not be something which is imposed on NHS staff but something which they own and lead." The preferred provider policy has union support eg. as Mike Jackson from Unison says in a letter to the Guardian, "NHS services will not be improved by wholesale tendering, fragmentation and privatisation."

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