Sunday, November 22, 2009

Read Norman Lamb in Mail Online

Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk, has written about the Cawston Park fiasco (see my previous post) in Mail Online. I agree that it is important to get to the bottom of what happened to Andrew Breeze and Dominic Wilson. I still think there must have been envy (or similar) motivating the criminal prosecution. The background national scandal of shipping difficult to manage and place psychiatric patients out of the NHS into expensive private care barely figures in public statements about central NHS mental health policy thinking.

This isn't the first article that Norman Lamb has written for Mail Online. The other describes his successful investment in Tinchy Stryder via his son.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Duncan, I think you are right about envy. Some within the NHS did not like to see a private hospital flourishing so well and getting better clinical results for patients than what the local NHS were able to do.

The NHS Fraud and Business Services Authority jumped at the chance to 'get', as they themselves described it, a private sector facility. They saw it as good for their well being.

Of course no one talks of the lost brilliant facility to patients and what is good for their well being. No one seems to care about giving patients the best possible service and yet is that not what we should all be striving towards - both the NHS and the private sector? Who stands up for the patients?

Something went badly wrong with this investigation and NHS Fraud are not even prepared to explain themselves! Tax payers money spent on a bungled investigation? Well who cares, it was only an excellent hospital for those who cannot advocate for themselves?