Sunday, July 26, 2009

Globalisation benefiting from the recession.

The rundown of the high street is worrying (Guardian article). Pubs are also closing but branded pubs and cafe-style bars are expanding (BBC News online). Globalisation, at least, seems to be benefitting from the recession - as am I. (See My perspective on the economic crisis).

Incompetence and injustice damaging democratic politics

Charles Clarke (Independent article) is right to point out the damaging nature of arbitrary power. I'm not sure how much of this comes from Gordon Brown personally, as Charles Clarke seems to think was behind his own demise from the cabinet. However, a society that panders to public opinion and a government that is not motivated by principles, creates an unreasonable, bullying culture. I'm not convinced Ian Gibson's was the best test case, but the point needs to be taken seriously. Living in a state of denial doesn't help either, which at least the Queen realises (Observer article). The irony is that, as Will Hutton puts it, "At last Brown may be getting it right".

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ricky Ponting gracious in defeat

Ricky Ponting was gracious in his comments after the defeat by England at Lords. It may have earnt him some credit.

If the last wicket had fallen at Cardiff, things would have been very different for Ponting's reputation. His captaincy would have been acclaimed. He plays to win. He would have succeeded in getting the most out of a side without as much talent as previous Australian sides he has captained.

As it was, he just became a target for his pressurising tactics. When he complained about England's time wasting, it seemed like something he would have done himself.

Congratulations to Andrew Strauss, although I'm not convinced he's the best captain in the world. Surely he should have had more of a plan than waiting for the new ball when Clarke and Haddin took control on Sunday evening (I was there). Let's look forward to the rest of the series.

People who are feeling ill not wanted in hospital

A notice has gone up at my NHS Trust saying that people who are feeling ill should not come into the building. Actually when you look at the small print, what it says is that people with symptoms of swine flu should not come in. But has the hospital unconsciously disclosed its real wish?