Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ed Balls should be held to account for Haringey's loss

According to the Daily Mail, Ed Balls shows no contrition for removing Sharon Shoesmith in the Baby P case. He doesn't seem to understand that the role of the politician is to avoid whipping up public scapegoating about child protection (see previous post). Read Ray Jones' The story of baby P for a balanced perspective on the case.

As Jones asks, why would anyone want to create such hostility and hatred against childcare professionals? Human beings do have the capacity for savage cruelty against defenceless children. I don't think Ed Balls is unintelligent and should be able to appreciate this.

Labour can't go into the next election with him as shadow chancellor because he clearly finds it too difficult to admit his mistakes about the economy (overspending leading up to the financial crisis) as well as Baby P.