Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Visit to Cambridge University library embellished by excursion to Trinity College fellows’ garden (see website).

Thursday, February 02, 2023

Being unacceptable

I have been looking at the website for the research project on the work of Don Cupitt (listen to eg. Radio 4 programme about Cupitt’s 1980s TV series Sea of faith). He was one of my supervisors when I switched to Religious Studies for my Part II at Cambridge (see eg. previous post). Interestingly, he had an exhibition to Trinity Hall for Part I of his degree in Natural Sciences before switching to theology. I had an exhibition to Trinity eighteen years later to study Medical Sciences before changing to Religious Studies. Maybe I’ve been as much as a provocateur for psychiatry as he has been for religion. 

Having flirted with death of God theology (see previous post), I gave up my involvement with the church a few years after Cambridge. Actually I’ve never wanted to be a heretic within psychiatry. As I’ve said throughout my Relational Psychiatry blog, psychiatry does need to change. I’m not wanting to abolish it.