Saturday, January 28, 2012

More on lack of fairness in medical discipline

Julian de Haviland makes a good point in BMJ letter about the lack of independence in medical disciplinary matters. Managerial power may be misused though medical disciplinary procedures (see previous post).


Anonymous said...

Hi Duncan, please sort out the forum you have concerning SSRI reduction ( .. the forum is full of spam links to websites which are dangerous and almost certainly harbour trojans.

You really should be ashamed of yourself, it is highly irresponsible. If you can't look after your website, you should not have one.

I will make a formal complaint to the university if you don't take prompt action.

DBDouble said...

Thanks, anonymous, for reminding me of this board. I had forgotten about it. I have always been keen to try and facilitate discussion on the internet but it's a common problem that these boards get filled up with spam. And as someone posted on the board - it could be you - it's not been used that much. I've therefore deleted it.

These days I take more interest in my blogs and do try and monitor the messages that go on there.